Master P - Only God Can Judge Me

Master P - Only God Can Judge Me

Master P - Only God Can Judge Me

General information

Album: Master P - Only God Can Judge Me
Release date: Tuesday, October 26, 1999
Label(s): No Limit/Priority



1) Only God Can Judge Me
2) Ghetto Prayer (ft. Magic)
3) Step To This (ft. D.I.G.)
4) Return Of Da Don (ft. Jamaar Carrs)
5) Say Brah (ft. Mac)
6) Boonapalist (ft. D.I.G. and Peaches)
7) Where Do We Go from Here (ft. Nas and Mac)
8) Ice On My Wrist (Remix) (ft. Magic)
9) Stop Playing Wit Me
10) Ghetto in the Sky (ft. Suga Bear)
11) Ain't Nothing Changed (ft. D.I.G. and Magic)
12) Commercial
13) Oh Na Nae (ft. Bobby Sardie)
14) Ghetto Honeys (ft. Mac)
15) Y'all Don't Want None
16) Life Ain't Easy (ft. C-Murder)
17) Who Down to Ride (ft. D.I.G.)
18) Y'all Don't Know (ft. Ghetto Commission)
19) Nobody Moves (ft. Magic and Silkk The Shocker)
20) Da Ballers (ft. Jermaine Dupri)
21) Crazy Bout Ya (ft. Mercedes and Peaches)
22) (Intro to) Get Yo Mind Right
23) Get Yo Mind Right (ft. C-Murder and Bobby Sardie)

Music videos


Master P - Da Ballers (ft. Jermaine Dupri)
Music producer(s): Carl So-Lowe and Jermaine Dupri
Video director(s): Michael B and Mikael Q
World premiere: February 2000
Master P - Step To This (ft. D.I.G.)
Music producer(s): Rico Lumpkins
Video director(s): Gee Bee
World premiere: November 1999