Rah Digga - Dirty Harriet

Rah Digga - Dirty Harriet

Rah Digga - Dirty Harriet

General information

Album: Rah Digga - Dirty Harriet
Release date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999
Label(s): FlipMode/Elektra/EEG




1) Intro
2) Harriet Thugman
3) Tight
4) What They Call Me
5) Do The Ladies Run This (ft. Eve and Sonja Blade)
6) Imperial (ft. Busta Rhymes)
7) Curtains
8) Showdown
9) The Last Word (ft. Outsidaz)
10) Break Fool
11) Straight Spittin', Part II
12) What's Up Wit' That
13) So Cool (ft. Carl Thomas)
14) Just For You (ft. Flipmode Squad)
15) F**K Ya'll N*ggas (ft. Young Zee Of Outsidaz)
16) Lessons Of Today
17) Handle Your B.I. (Bonus Track)
18) Clap Your Hands (Bonus Track)

Music videos


Rah Digga - Break Fool
Music producer(s): Rockwilder
Video director(s): May 2000
World premiere: Diane Martel
Rah Digga - Imperial (ft. Busta Rhymes)
Music producer(s): DJ Shok
Video director(s): Diane Martel
World premiere: January 2000
Rah Digga - Tight
Music producer(s): Mr. Walt
Video director(s): Marcus Raboy
World premiere: September 1999