Rakim - The Master

Rakim - The Master

Rakim - The Master

General information

Album: Rakim - The Master
Release date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999
Label(s): Universal




1) Intro
2) Flow Forever
3) When I B On Tha Mic
4) Finest Ones (ft. Clark Kent)
5) All Night Long
6) State Of Hip Hop Interlude
7) Uplift
8) I Know
9) It's The R
10) I'll Be There (ft. Nneka Morton)
11) It's A Must (ft. Rahzel)
12) Real Shit
13) How I Get Down
14) L.I. Interlude
15) Strong Island
16) Waiting For The World To End
17) We'll Never Stop (ft. Connie McKendrick)

Music video


Rakim - When I B On Tha Mic
Music producer(s): DJ Premier
Video director(s): Marc Klasfeld
World premiere: October 1999