Magic - Thuggin'

Magic - Thuggin'

Magic - Thuggin'

General information

Album: Magic - Thuggin'
Release date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999
Label(s): No Limit/Priority


1) Beginning
2) That's Me
3) Ice On My Wrist (ft. Master P)
4) Party Time
5) Wobble, Wobble (ft. C-Murder and Mac)
6) Soldier (ft. Suga Bear)
7) 9th Ward
8) Premeditation (ft. D.I.G.)
9) Good Lookin Out (ft. D.I.G.)
10) Do You Really Want Peace (ft. C-Murder)
11) Club Thang (ft. C-Murder and QB)
12) Puff Puff
13) Thank You Lord For My Life (ft. Mia X)
14) Keep It Gangsta (ft. Silkk The Shocker)
15) Freaky (ft. Ms. Peaches)
16) We Gon Ride (ft. C-Murder)
17) Wanna Get Away (ft. Ms. Peaches)
18) Thugs (ft. C-Murder)
19) Ending

Music video


Magic - That's Me/Ice On My Wrist (ft. Master P)
Music producer(s): Mark In Da Dark/Carlos Stephens
Video director(s): Gee Bee
World premiere: 1999