Project Pat - Ghetty Green

Project Pat - Ghetty Green

Project Pat - Ghetty Green

General information

Album: Project Pat - Ghetty Green
Release date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999
Label(s): Hypnotize Minds/Loud



1) North Memphis
2) Represent It (ft. Noreaga and Tear Da Club Up Thugs)
3) Out There
4) Niggas Got Me Fucked Up
5) You Know The Biss
6) Choices
7) Ballers (ft. Gangsta Boo)
8) Run A Train
9) Rinky Dink / Whatever Ho (ft. Hypnotize Camp Posse)
10) Up There (ft. Krayzie Bone)
11) Rinky Dink II / We're Gonna Rumble
12) Choppers (ft. B.G. and Big Tymers)
13) Gold Shine (ft. Three 6 Mafia)
14) Ghetty Green
15) Sucks On Dick (ft. Juicy J)
16) Shake That Ass
17) Stabbers (ft. Crucial Conflict)
18) Slangin' Rocks (ft. Gangsta Boo)
19) 528 - Cash
20) Ballers (Outro) (ft. Hot Boys, Big Tymers and Tear Da Club Up Thugs) (Cash Money Mix)

Music video


Project Pat - Ballers (ft. Gangsta Boo)
Music producer(s): DJ Paul and Juicy J
Video director(s): J. Jesses Smith
World premiere: 1999