Angie Stone - Black Diamond

Angie Stone - Black Diamond

Angie Stone - Black Diamond

General information

Album: Angie Stone - Black Diamond
Release date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999
Label(s): Arista



1) Freedom (Intro)
2) No More Rain (In This Cloud)
3) Green Grass Vapors
4) Everyday
5) Coulda Been You
6) Visions
7) Life Story
8) Just A Pimp
9) Trouble Man
10) Bone 2 Pic (Wit U)
11) Man Loves His Money
12) Love Junkie
13) Black Diamonds And Blue Pearls (Interlude)
14) Heaven Help

Music videos


Angie Stone - Everyday
Music producer(s): Russell Elevado
Video director(s): Little X
World premiere: February 2000
Angie Stone - Life Story
Music producer(s): Gerry DeVeaux (co-produced by Cutfather and Joe)
Video director(s): -
World premiere: -
Angie Stone - No More Rain (In This Cloud)
Music producer(s): Angie Stone
Video director(s): Andrew Dosunmu
World premiere: October 1999