R. Kelly - The Buffet

R. Kelly - The Buffet

R. Kelly - The Buffet

General information

Album: R. Kelly - The Buffet
Release date: Friday, December 11, 2015
Label(s): RCA




1) The Poem
2) Poetic Sex
3) Anything Goes (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
4) Let's Make Some Noise (ft. Jhené Aiko)
5) Marching Band (ft. Juicy J)
6) Switch Up (ft. Lil Wayne and Jeremih)
7) Wanna Be There (ft. Ariirayé)
8) All My Fault
9) Wake Up Everybody
10) Get out of Here with Me
11) Backyard Party
12) Sextime
13) Let's Be Real Now (ft. Tinashe)
14) I Just Want to Thank You
15) Keep Searchin'
16) Sufferin'
17) I Tried
18) Barely Breathin'

Music videos


R. Kelly - Backyard Party
Music producer(s): R. Kelly
Video director(s): -
World premiere: October 20th, 2015 [Vevo/Youtube]