Riff Raff - Peach Panther

Riff Raff - Peach Panther

Riff Raff - Peach Panther

General information

Album: Riff Raff - Peach Panther
Release date: Friday, June 24, 2016
Label(s): Neon Nation




1) Peach Panther (Freestyle)
2) Carlos Slim
3) Only In America
4) 4 Million
5) Chris Paul
6) Syrup Sippin' Assassin
7) All I Ever Wanted (ft. Dolla Bill Gates)
8) I Drive By (ft. Gucci Mane and Danny Brown)
9) Mercedez (ft. G-Eazy and J. Doe)
10) I Don't Like To Think (ft. Problem)
11) Shout Out To The Bay (ft. King Chip)
12) Betcha' Didn't Know (ft. Lil Durk)

Music videos


Riff Raff - 4 Million
Music producer(s): Top Secret Productions
Video director(s): -
World premiere: JUne 2nd, 2016 [Youtube]